Essential Garage Door Maintenance Tips from Sun City Garage Doors

Regular maintenance of your garage door and opener is vital for reliable operation, preventing accidents, extending equipment lifespan, and maintaining home security. At Sun City Garage Doors, we're committed to helping homeowners keep their garage doors in top condition with these essential maintenance tips:

Testing and Maintaining the Garage Door Opener

Your garage door opener requires regular safety checks and maintenance for safe and efficient operation. Refer to the owner's manual for specific instructions or request one from the manufacturer if needed. Make testing and maintenance a monthly routine to catch potential issues early.

Monthly Maintenance Checklist

Follow this simple monthly checklist to maintain your garage door effectively:

  • Reversal Test: Check if your opener has a reversing feature by placing a piece of wood on the floor and closing the door. It should reverse upon contact with the wood if the door is working properly.
  • Force Setting Test: Test the force setting by holding the bottom of the door as it closes. If it doesn't reverse easily upon encountering resistance, the force may be excessive and require adjustment.

If you're unsure how to perform these tests or need adjustments, contact our professional technicians for assistance.

Garage Door Openers Are Not Toys

It's essential to educate everyone in your household, especially children, about garage door safety. Never stand or walk under a moving door, as it can result in serious injury or worse. Keep transmitters and remote controls out of children's reach, and mount the push button wall control out of their reach. Teach children about the dangers of playing with garage door controls and emphasize staying away from moving doors.

Teach Your Children About Garage Door and Opener Safety

Engage your children in discussions about garage door safety to raise awareness about potential dangers. Set a good example by always keeping the door in sight until it comes to a complete stop when using the wall control. Encourage children to keep their hands and fingers away from moving parts and never play near or under a moving garage door.

For Professional Assistance and Maintenance Services

If you're unsure about performing maintenance tasks or need professional assistance, don't hesitate to contact Sun City Garage Doors. Our experienced technicians can conduct comprehensive inspections, adjustments, and repairs to make sure your garage door and opener operate optimally. Take advantage of our signature "lube and tune" services, which involve expertly lubricating and fine-tuning all moving parts, balancing the door, and conducting a thorough 26-point safety inspection for your peace of mind. Don't compromise on safety—schedule your maintenance service today with Sun City Garage Doors.

At Sun City Garage Doors, your safety and satisfaction are our priorities. Contact us today to schedule your garage door maintenance service and keep your garage door operating smoothly and safely for years to come. Stay secure with Sun City Garage Doors!

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