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Warmer Wetter Weather Means Mold

Las Vegas has seen a bit more rain and humidity than normal recently, and combined with the increasing temperatures, this could lead to more mold. Mold creates its home in environments when it is humid, usually dark and damp, and gets exposure to the warm weather. Your garage may just be the perfect habitat for this pesky natural pest. 

Mold can grow extremely quickly on materials such as cardboard and drywall, which are typically found in abundance within garages. When not much time is spent in our garages, any mold growth can go unnoticed for extended periods of time, until it becomes a bigger problem to deal with. There are a handful of steps that you can take to reduce the chances of mold growing in and around your garage. 

Eliminate Leaks

Garages can sometimes home extra appliances like refrigerators and freezers, hot water tanks, and more. These appliances can develop leaks, which would lead to excess standing water in the garage, increasing the humidity levels and creating a happy habitat for mold. By regularly maintaining these appliances and addressing any leaks that spring up immediately, you can cut down on the chances that mold will start growing in your garage. 

If standing water from a leak does occur, it is essential to get rid of it immediately. Small areas of standing water can usually be mopped up or dried with towels. However, larger pooling areas of water may require a ShopVac or other professional grade water removal.


With heat and warm weather being a factor in the ideal environment for mold, insulating your garage to protect it from extreme temperatures helps prevent mold. Regulating the temperature to be more similar to what you have it set at in your home not only helps your utility bills, but will also make your garage a more pleasant place to be. 

Decrease Humidity

Garages can harbor humidity more effectively than any other part of your home. With less air flow and more exposure to the outdoor elements, humidity tends to enjoy hanging out for a while. Increase efficient ventilation and invest in a high-quality dehumidifier to keep the moisture levels down. 

Switch Out Your Storage

A good number of people utilize their garages as extra storage spaces. The most popular choice for storage containers is cardboard boxes. These may be cheap and easy to come by, however, they provide a cozy little habitat for mold to call home. Switch out your storage containers for plastic, waterproof ones. Not only does this eliminate the growth of mold, but it better protects your belongings as well. 

Keep an Eye Out

Often, as our extra storage expands, it takes up more and more room within the garage. This covers an increasing amount of wall and shelf space, and any mold that may be growing in those areas becomes hard to detect. Make it a habit to regularly look over your garage and move things around to catch mold growth early on. 

Keeping your garage clean and updated are essential to preventing the growth of mold. If you have any garage issues or questions about tackling a garage-related project, contact our experts!