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Updating Your Garage Opener: Why Now?

Updating your garage door opener might not be the most exciting home improvement project that you could do. While it’s not flashy or all-that-fantastic, having an updated garage door opener, and keeping up with its maintenance, can make your life a lot easier. Curious what the benefits of investing in a new opener are? Let’s check out just a handful of the potential reasons you might want to consider this upgrade. 

Delayed Reactions

It may be time to update your opener if your current one is taking a little bit longer to get up and running each time you go to pull in or out of your garage. Over time, the motor in your operator can get worn down. After all, it does take a tremendous amount of power to lift and lower garage doors. Depending on how often you utilize your door, and your opener, this wear and tear can have an affect sooner rather than later. 

When your operator starts noticeably slowing down, or it seems like it is straining to lift the weight of your garage door, it is probably time to look at switching it out for a new and improved one. If you are consistently needing to press the button multiple times to get a response from your door, this could be a sign that it’s in need of an upgrade as well. Garage door openers typically only have a lifespan around a decade. If you can’t recall the last time you have invested in a new one, it might be a good idea to start shopping around for a replacement

Added Functionality

Another reason you may be wanting to upgrade your garage door opener is that you are looking for more features. Home automation has seen a tremendous amount of growth in the past decade, and garage doors have not been exempt from this trend. There are garage doors that you can open and close from your phone, and can even access remotely when you are not at home. Programmable or timed garage door openers are an option now as well, where it can be set to automatically close after a certain amount of time has passed. In addition to convenience features, there are also added safety features that come equipped with newer opener models. Automatic reversing when something is obstructing the path and emergency shut-offs are some of the possibilities. 

Safe and Secure

While we have already mentioned some of the new and improved safety features of updated garage door openers, there are also security measures that have been incorporated in current operators that were not around in the past. Without getting too technical, there is a way that garage door openers can generate random codes when you open your door, instead of the same one every time. This makes it less predictable and more difficult for potential burglars to break into your home via the garage. 

Cut Down Disruptions

Older garage door openers can be quite the noise machines, and not in the peaceful and relaxing way. Years of straining to open your garage can increase the volume when it comes time to lift and lower your door. Additionally, the nuts and bolts (and other hardware) can loosen up with age, which will result in excess noise and vibrations with operation. Newer openers can be tremendously quieter than your current outdated one. If you are looking for peace and quiet, an upgrade might be a good idea. 

Whatever your reasoning is, if you are wanting to update your garage door, we can help. Contact our garage door experts to see what options are available and what the best choice is for you.