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Openers, Remotes, and Programming Services!

We all utilize our garage doors everyday, and often without thinking about them. What happens when a problem arises, however, not with the garage door, but with the opener? When garage door openers and remotes are not installed and programmed correctly, several problems can potentially occur down the road.  Sun

Beat the Heat With an Insulated Garage

We all know that insulation is extremely beneficial for our homes, but we rarely think about insulating our garages. Think about it, during the summer, you step out into your garage and can feel the heat. In the winter, the cement floors become too cold to step on with bare

Pest-Proofing Your Garage & Saving Money

It is not uncommon to run into a pest here and there in your garage. After all, it is probably the part of your home most exposed to the outdoors, other than the actual outside of your house. While a few creepy crawlers may be fairly normal, it is never

Make Your Garage the Neighborhood Hangout

Once social distancing is over and done with, we can go back to our cookouts, pool parties, garage sales, neighborhood hangs, and more. In the meantime, there are things that you can be doing to get your garage ready for all of the hosting you’re going to be doing. You

Warmer Wetter Weather Means Mold

Las Vegas has seen a bit more rain and humidity than normal recently, and combined with the increasing temperatures, this could lead to more mold. Mold creates its home in environments when it is humid, usually dark and damp, and gets exposure to the warm weather. Your garage may just

Spring Cleaning Your Garage!

When spring rolls around, it seems we all get that urge to purge all of our unnecessary belongings and clean up our space. While we seem to focus all of our time and energy tidying up areas like closets and pantries, a space that often goes unnoticed during this time

Prevention is the Best Preparation

The best garage door issue to have is the one that doesn’t happen in the first place! Preventing potential problems is easier than it may seem. Garages and garage doors should be checked up on at least once per year. This regular check up allows for routine maintenance to be

Getting Garage Sale Ready

As temperatures get warmer and spring gets closer, there is a tendency to clean out our belongings and dust that settled over the winter months. This leads to garage sale signs popping up all over the place, as we all look to clear up some space and make a buck

Time For Your Garage’s Yearly Checkup?

Did you know that your garage needs a yearly checkup, just like you? During this time, routine maintenance can be performed, and preventative measures can be taken so that you don’t run into problems in the future. When disasters strike, Sun City Garage Doors is ready to assist 24/7. However,

Smooth Operator: Your Garage Opener

Openers are essential to the proper functioning of your garage door. In order for your garage to open and close correctly, your garage door opener must be working how it should.  Parts of an Opener An opener involves multiple moving parts that all must be in communication and working together.