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Smooth Operator: Your Garage Opener

Openers are essential to the proper functioning of your garage door. In order for your garage to open and close correctly, your garage door opener must be working how it should.  Parts of an Opener An opener involves multiple moving parts that all must be in communication and working together.

The Importance of Spring Maintenance

One of the most common problems garage owners will encounter are broken springs. Torsion springs, which are found above the garage door and attached to metal bars, are an essential part of the door’s opening and closing mechanism. Extension springs serve a similar purpose, but will be found on either

New Year, New Garage

No, we aren’t saying you should build yourself a brand new garage just because it’s a new year. You can if you want, but simply updating your garage might be a more feasible option for you. Often, when we think of remodeled houses, we picture pretty paint jobs, fresh flooring,

Give Yourself the Gift of an Updated Garage

Often, when we think of remodeled houses, we picture pretty paint jobs, fresh flooring, an updated kitchen, and an array of other modernized fixtures and finishes. However, it is not often that an updated or upgraded garage crosses our mind. The truth is, an updated garage can not only add

Winterizing Your Garage

Living in Las Vegas comes with several perks, one of which is having fairly mild winters. We do not often see snow in the valley, and when we do, it never lasts long. Though the winter season here is not nearly as intense as some other places in the United

Maintaining Your Garage Through the Holidays

Take a moment to imagine, it’s the holiday season, and you pull into your driveway after a long grocery trip gathering all the essentials to cook a feast for the family that will soon be visiting. You tap the button on your garage door opener, running through a mental to

Keeping Your Garage Door Rolling

Though they may be one of the least thought of garage door parts, they are one of the most essential. We’re talking about the rollers, that is! When we think of garage doors, typically we think of the doors themselves, or the garage door openers, or maybe even the remotes,

Making Your Garage a Halloween Hideout

It’s not often that we think of our garages as extra living spaces. They’re made to house cars and outdoor items, and often they get turned into additional storage space once our belongings begin to outnumber the amount of closets we have indoors. Sometimes garages can become scary places to

Importance of Keeping Your Garage Clean

Today’s society has increasingly become more and more materialistic, gaining too many possessions to fit within the inside storage spaces of homes. For this reason, rentable storage spaces were created, but often, the most convenient way to hold onto all of this extra stuff is by collecting it within the

Get With the Program: Garage Door Remotes

We all utilize our garage doors everyday, and often without thinking about them. What happens when a problem arises, however, not with the garage door, but with the opener? When garage door openers and remotes are not installed and programmed correctly, several problems can potentially occur down the road.  Sun