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Pest-Proofing Your Garage & Saving Money

It is not uncommon to run into a pest here and there in your garage. After all, it is probably the part of your home most exposed to the outdoors, other than the actual outside of your house. While a few creepy crawlers may be fairly normal, it is never

Make Your Garage the Neighborhood Hangout

Once social distancing is over and done with, we can go back to our cookouts, pool parties, garage sales, neighborhood hangs, and more. In the meantime, there are things that you can be doing to get your garage ready for all of the hosting you’re going to be doing. You

Warmer Wetter Weather Means Mold

Las Vegas has seen a bit more rain and humidity than normal recently, and combined with the increasing temperatures, this could lead to more mold. Mold creates its home in environments when it is humid, usually dark and damp, and gets exposure to the warm weather. Your garage may just

Spring Cleaning Your Garage!

When spring rolls around, it seems we all get that urge to purge all of our unnecessary belongings and clean up our space. While we seem to focus all of our time and energy tidying up areas like closets and pantries, a space that often goes unnoticed during this time

Making Your Garage a Halloween Hideout

It’s not often that we think of our garages as extra living spaces. They’re made to house cars and outdoor items, and often they get turned into additional storage space once our belongings begin to outnumber the amount of closets we have indoors. Sometimes garages can become scary places to

Importance of Keeping Your Garage Clean

Today’s society has increasingly become more and more materialistic, gaining too many possessions to fit within the inside storage spaces of homes. For this reason, rentable storage spaces were created, but often, the most convenient way to hold onto all of this extra stuff is by collecting it within the