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Summer Plans for Garage Door Maintenance

Hot Las Vegas Summers can take a toll on the exterior of your garage door and the electronics that power the garage door opener. Las Vegas and the surrounding areas like Henderson regularly experience temperatures that break 100 degrees every Summer. It’s important to prevent any and all serious damage to your garage door system that you plan on practicing some routine maintenance this summer. Not only will this save you money on new garage door installations and repairs, it will increase the lifespan of your electronic garage door opener.  

Common Garage Door Issues

Heat and direct sunlight can wreak havoc on your garage doors and the electronics in your garage door opener. It is commonly reported that direct sunlight may even trick the safety sensors on the garage doors into thinking that there is an obstruction. This may prevent your `garage door from closing all together.  

What Maintenance Should You Plan For?

As a result of these issues, you should plan on some maintenance. Small fixes now will prevent any major issues later on. If you think something isn’t right, contact the garage door experts at Sun City Garage Doors.

Test your garage door:

Any time you have a machine with moving parts you run the risk of wear and tear. Making sure that your garage door opens and closes the way it’s supposed to -without any hiccups or concerning noises is the first thing you should do! If you notice any strange noises or experience any problems with the garage doo, you can contact Sun City Garage Doors for any-time repairs.

Inspect hardware:

Anytime that you examine or work on your garage door you should proceed with caution and care as to not injure yourself. You can examine the hardware that keeps your garage door moving smoothly on the rails. If needed you can lubricate, clean, or remove rust from hardware. If you’d rather not mess with anything yourself, Sun City Garage Doors offers a tune up and lubrication service.

Insulating Garage Doors:

Insulating your garage doors can be a great way to lower your electric bills in triple-digit heat. It will also keep the heat out of your garage and out of any rooms directly above the garage.

Washing Garage Doors:

Part of maintaining your garage door includes washing it. A little bit of care now, means greater curb appeal later. Washing your garage door with water and a mild household soap.

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If you notice anything wrong with your garage doors you can call Sun City Garage Doors. We have specialists available around the clock for any repairs that you may need. Our team of experts have years of experience servicing garage doors in Southern Nevada.