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Spring Cleaning Your Garage

As the weather gets nicer, we tend to start getting in the spring cleaning spirit. While this is typically focused on the inside of our homes and tidying up the lawns, a very important part of the house should not go overlooked. Our garages can become a stowaway space for storage items and extra belongings that do not really have a place in any other room. This area is also not quite as well-protected and sheltered from the outdoor elements, and quite a collection of dirt and dust can build up on exposed surfaces. For these reasons and more, it might be a good idea to consider spring cleaning your garage. 


Not quite convinced that you should spend the time deep cleaning a part of your home that you don’t really spend a lot of time in anyways? Let’s check out some convincing arguments on why you should add the garage to your spring cleaning checklist. 

Go Through Belongings

Setting aside some time to take stock of what you have in your garage gives you the opportunity to see what belongings you have been holding onto. Perhaps you have been looking for something and could not find it, when all along it has been hiding out in the garage. Maybe you used to participate in a hobby, and coming across your old equipment for that will reignite that joy and passion. Even if neither of these things occurs, you may just find that you have more stuff than you need, and you can host a garage sale to make a few extra bucks. That cash would certainly make cleaning worthwhile. 

Protect Possessions

In addition to just taking an assessment of what you own, spring cleaning your garage allows you to protect the items you plan on keeping. Over time, anything in your garage can collect a layer of dust, dirt, and other grime. By regularly keeping up with cleaning, you will be removing this filth, and will be increasing the lifespan of your belongings. In addition, if you are dedicating time to maintaining your garage, you will notice any potential hazards or needs for repair a lot sooner than if you had just let things idly sit around

Reduce Risk 

Regular cleaning and maintenance in your garage also protects the inside of your home. You can reduce the risk of harmful pollutants or irritants getting tracked in on your shoes by sweeping the garage floors every so often. In addition, having a neat and tidy garage leaves less space for rodents and insects to hide. Left unattended, pests can quickly turn into an infestation and affect the rest of your house. Spring cleaning your garage is a great first step to reducing this risk. 


Yet another benefit of spring cleaning your garage is the opportunity to reorganize the belongings that you have in there. It can be easy to simply toss things aside or let them pile up. This results in hard-to-navigate piles of random items, however, and when you go to search for a specific one, it may prove difficult, or impossible to find. Reorganizing what you have in your garage can lead to developing a storage system, and this struggle can be prevented in the future. 

Ultimately, there are several benefits to spring cleaning your garage. If you get started on this project, and realize that there is some maintenance that needs done around your garage, or want to take it a step further and update your opener or door, contact our garage experts to see how we can help!