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Spring Cleaning Your Garage!

When spring rolls around, it seems we all get that urge to purge all of our unnecessary belongings and clean up our space. While we seem to focus all of our time and energy tidying up areas like closets and pantries, a space that often goes unnoticed during this time is the garage. While we utilize these spaces for extra storage, it seems that they are forgotten during the chaos of spring cleaning. 

Studies have reported that half of all homeowners say their garage is the least organized space in their home. Three-quarters of these homeowners state that parking within their garage is of utmost importance, but over half of these Americans are unable to utilize their garage space for that purpose, because of how disorganized the area is. In order to be able to use your garage space as it is intended, it is crucial to include it in your spring cleaning checklist. 

Create a Game Plan

As with any other project, having an idea of what you would like to accomplish from the very beginning is the best way to make sure that it gets done. Evaluate the needs of your garage, and what problems exist currently and prioritize solutions for those. If your goal is to eliminate belongings and reorganize so there is room for parking, complete tasks that accomplish that goal. If you are aiming simply to clean up the garage, then do tasks that work towards that. 

Assemble a Team

Once you have a clear idea of what you would like to get done, involve the family or invite some friends along for the fun. (Trust us, people can be convinced almost anything is fun if you bribe them with pizza). Assign specific tasks to people so there is a clear understanding of who is doing what, and check them off as you go. Pace yourselves, taking breaks every so often to avoid burnout (and eat more pizza). 

Declutter as You Clean

Even if eliminating some belongings is not your top priority, chances are you will most likely run into a few things that you no longer need. Instead of holding onto them longer than necessary, designate an area to get these items out of the way. This also allows you to clean the areas that they were occupying even more thoroughly than before. You can create different categories that these things fall into, such as donate, trash, or sell, keeping you even more organized than ever! Sometimes items may be hard to part with, but if you haven’t used something in the past couple of years, it may be time to let go. 

Inspect Your Garage Door

Now that your garage itself is clean, its time to take a look at your garage door. What good is a clean garage if you can’t get in and out of it, right? Take a look at your springs, rollers and tracks, and opener itself. Listen and observe as it opens and closes. If you notice anything that seems off, or if you would just like to have a professional take a look, contact us

There are often many things on our spring cleaning checklists, however, we often overlook the garage. With the garage being a main access point and storage place for the house, it is essential to keep it clean and organized. How are you spring cleaning your garage this year?