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Pros and Cons of Various Garage Door Materials

If you are looking to update the curb appeal of your home, you may be considering upgrading your garage door to some more modern, or luxurious, or fun. Once you start this quest of shopping for a new garage door, however, you may become overwhelmed with the sheer number of options that exist. Style and color aside, there are a few different choices that you have regarding the kind of material your garage door is made out of, and each one has its pros and cons. Starting by figuring out which material you would like your garage door to be can help you make further decisions down the road when it comes to the aesthetic qualities. Let’s take a look at the most common garage door material options! 


While a wood garage door may certainly make a statement on the front of your house, it definitely will make a statement on your bank account. This luxury material is great for many reasons, however, it is known to typically be the most expensive option out there. In addition to this fact, wood doors require a tremendous amount of upkeep. Wood is susceptible to many harsh outdoor elements, so keeping a fresh coat of paint or sealant on it at all times is a must, otherwise your investment will quickly be damaged by water and wind. This material is also prone to cracking and rotting, so regular inspection should be part of your routine

Another thing to keep in mind with wood garage doors is the lack of insulation. Whether the temperatures get extremely hot or very cold where you live, a wood garage door will not offer much protection from those conditions. One perk of a wooden door, however, is the ability to customize it endlessly. You can paint and repaint it, constantly changing the outward appearance of your garage. It is also a durable material if treated properly. 


Contrary to wood, aluminum tends to be a much more affordable material option. A popular choice amongst homeowners, this material can be fairly customizable, as it is typically available in many colors and styles. Another major difference between this material and wood is that aluminum is drastically lighter, making the install process tremendously easier. This difference in weight also means that the aluminum doors cause less strain on the garage door opener, typically resulting in a longer lifespan for the opener. On top of being a more affordable material in general, this is another way aluminum garage doors may save you money. 

This material is also naturally more resistant to harsh conditions such as rain and snow, or even just humid environments. It doesn’t rust or corrode as easily. One negative, however, is that aluminum is not a very dense material, so it dents fairly easily if bumped into with the car. If this happens, it may be cause for repair or replacement of a panel or the entire garage door. 


Another option for garage doors, though slightly less well-known, is steel. This material is extremely durable, requires very little upkeep, and is quite versatile in aesthetic options. Since it is so durable, it will most likely last the lifetime of your home, so if you are looking for something that you can keep for a while, steel might be the way to go. Pricing for steel doors can be tricky to navigate, since there are different gauges and insulation qualities available. It may require some additional research, or consulting the professionals, to decide what steel garage door is best for your home. After you have navigated these waters, however, you are left with a door that is not only great for curb appeal, but will last you for years to come. 

Whether you know the kind of garage door you want installed on your home, or you still have some questions, reach out to our team of professionals for help. We are experts in the field and can assist you with finding the perfect fit for your garage. Don’t hesitate to contact us today.