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Make Your Garage the Neighborhood Hangout

Once social distancing is over and done with, we can go back to our cookouts, pool parties, garage sales, neighborhood hangs, and more. In the meantime, there are things that you can be doing to get your garage ready for all of the hosting you’re going to be doing. You want your space to be warm and inviting, and yards or patios aren’t always an option. Here’s how to make your garage into the neighborhood hangout. 

Update Your Doors

While the doors may not be visible while the party is going, it is important to establish your home as the one with the great curb appeal during after-party hours. Cleaning up the exterior of your home and keeping it that way throughout the year will help create that inviting space that people are looking for in a hangout hideaway. 

Updating your doors also ensures that they will be working properly when you have people over. They will open and close when you need them to, and they should be nice and clean. 

Update Floors

Having updated floors of your garage may not seem like a pressing issue, since your cars are going to be parked on them anyways, right? In actuality, refinishing your floors or adding a fresh coat of paint or sealant can actually increase their lifespan as well as freshening up appearances. 

If you plan on doing any kind of hosting in your garage, giving your floors a fresh face can make the entire area seem cozier. From garage sales to hangouts, a clean floor will make you and the rest of the neighborhood want to spend more time in there. 


Though the neighborhood might not be critiquing your shelving choices, simply getting the extra clutter out of the way can make the space entirely more inviting. If you plan on hosting movie nights or similar events, you can frame in the projector screen or television with built in shelves as well, making the space more homey. 


Speaking of screens, having the right equipment to host an event in your garage is essential. Whether you want to host movie nights or cheer on your favorite sports teams, getting a large, high quality projector and screen or television will take your spot to the next level. Make sure that the screen is visible from all parts of the garage, and that it is large enough for everyone to view, regardless of how many guests you are entertaining. 


Seating in your garage hideaway should be versatile, especially if you still plan on using it as a garage while you are not hosting events. While a big cozy couch may seem like a good choice, it is not necessarily practical, unless you are planning on using your garage as a permanent living area. Utilizing outdoor furniture or foldable furniture might be a better option as they can be moved outside or folded up and stored when not in use. With this in mind, you also want to consider the comfort of your guests. It may take some time, but there is a happy middle ground to be found. 

What events are you looking forward to hosting in your updated garage? Are there more updates that you have done that we don’t have listed? If you need help upgrading your garage door or other hardware, contact our experts today.