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Keeping Your Garage Mold-Free

Given its frequent exposure to the outdoor elements, your garage is an ideal place for mold to make its home. Without insulation and proper protection against weather, garages can be humid or damp, dark and dreary, and warm with ample oxygen. All of these conditions are exactly what mold and mildew look for when browsing available homes to inhabit. Once mold appears in your garage, it can be difficult to give it an eviction notice, so we recommend doing everything you can to prevent it from moving into your house in the first place. Let’s check out some ways that you can do this. 

Repair Leaks

Browsing around for leaks that may have sprung in your garage is a great place to start when it comes to preventing mold. Even the presence of a slow trickle of water can be enough for mold to make an establishment out of your garage. Take a look along the walls and seams of your garage, and along the floors where water may be indicative of the source of a leak. You may even need to check the seal of your garage door to see if water can be entering there. Excess moisture in your garage gives mold a place to grow, so any leaks or access points for water should be repaired immediately. 


Even if there is no standing (or sitting) water in your garage, there still may be excess moisture in the air. Check your humidity levels, and if they are higher than they should be, look into getting a quality dehumidifier for your garage. This helps reduce the amount of humidity in the air, making it a less desirable environment for mold families to make their home. 


Decluttering your garage cuts down on the number of places that mold can hide. If you have storage shelves, be sure to pull down boxes and check behind them for mold growth, as well as ensuring that no moisture can collect behind the bins as well. Get rid of extra belongings that you no longer need or use, and make it easier on yourself to keep an eye out for any potential mold or mildew blooms in the future. 

Regular Inspections

There are many spots in your garage that you should keep an eye on to ensure that no mold growth occurs. Inspect your garage door frequently to make sure the seal remains secure and prevents water from seeping in along the ground. Look at the seams of your door to verify that no mold is growing on the breaks in the door that are exposed often to the outdoor elements. Check along the walls, ceiling, and floors for cracks that can be ideal hiding spots for mold to grow. Make sure that your floor remains dry and free of debris, and that your storage shelves remain relatively uncluttered, so there are no places for mold to grow undetected. By keeping an eye on the inside of your garage, you can spot potential places for mold to make its home and address any issues early on. 

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