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Keeping Your Garage Door Rolling

Though they may be one of the least thought of garage door parts, they are one of the most essential. We’re talking about the rollers, that is! When we think of garage doors, typically we think of the doors themselves, or the garage door openers, or maybe even the remotes, but rarely do we think about the rollers that (literally) keep everything else on track. 

The Importance of Rollers

The job of the garage door rollers is fairly simple, as important as it may be. They exist solely to keep the garage door on the track, allowing it to roll up and down the frame as you open and close it. Rollers that are working properly allow for smooth and seamless operation. 

If the rollers are damaged or dysfunctional, this can cause issues in the garage door function where it may not be able to move as fluidly, or at all. Damaged rollers can also cause the door to come off track, causing your garage door to become completely immobile. 

Not only can this cause frustration and possible damage to your garage door, it can also pose a serious safety hazard. Garage doors that come off track can slip or fall, and considering that most garage doors weight a couple hundred pounds, if they land on someone, it could cause serious injury. 

Roller Maintenance

Just like with the other parts that make up your garage door, regular maintenance to the rollers can help prevent major issues from occurring. By having your garage door consistently maintained, you can save yourself a major headache (and a lot of money) in the long run. Rollers should be inspected for flaws and malfunctions, and should be regularly checked to ensure they are greased and not dry. 

Roller Replacement

Sometimes regular maintenance simply doesn’t cut it. If your garage door rollers become broken or derailed, it may be time to get them replaced. Replacing your rollers when they get worn down can help to prevent them from becoming a bigger issue in the future. 

If your garage door rollers are in need of attention, or if you are unsure if they need repaired or replaced, contact the experts at Sun City Garage Doors today!