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Insulate Your Garage Against Cooler Weather

While it still may be extremely warm out in the desert sun these days, those brisk desert nights will sneak up on us pretty quickly. Is your garage ready for the cooler temps or are you going to get caught frozen in your tracks? 

We all know that insulation is extremely beneficial for our homes, but we rarely think about insulating our garages. It makes sense if you think about it, during the summer, you step out into your garage and can feel the heat. In the winter, the cement floors become too cold to step on with bare feet. If the temperature is this noticeably different from within your house, think of the energy costs you could be saving if you invested in insulating your garage just like the rest of your home. 


Insulating your garage can keep it at least 10 degrees warmer during the winter months, and up to 25 degrees cooler during the hottest parts of summer. We all know that Las Vegas summers are scorching, which is why Las Vegas residents typically experience some of the highest energy bills in the country during the summer. Without insulating your garage, you may not even see much relief from these utility bills in the winter months either. You can help alleviate these costs by having the experts at Sun City Garage Doors insulate your garage. 

Even making a slight difference in the temperature your garage is at can impact your utility bills. By regulating the temperature in extreme weather conditions with insulation, your air conditioner and heat system will not have to work as hard, and will not need to be constantly running to make up for escaping air. 


Insulating your garage not only saves you money, it also makes for a more comfortable living environment, and creates a quieter garage operation. If you have insulation in your garage, you can gain another livable space within your home. Enjoy a game room, create crafts without fear of spilling on the carpet, or make storage more pleasant to access, all by insulating your garage from extreme temperatures. 


In addition to insulation, sealing your garage door can help with energy costs, can help to eliminate leaking air or other problems such as intruding rodents and insects. Ensuring a good garage door seal essentially is just verifying that there are no excessive gaps or cracks along the bottom of the door where it rests on the ground, or along the sides. A good seal carries many of the same benefits as insulating the garage, and can ultimately save you money as well. 

There are many reasons to invest in garage insulation, including saving money, creating a more comfortable space, and lessening garage door operation noise. If you are interested in insulating your garage, contact the experts at Sun City Garage Doors today.