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Importance of Keeping Your Garage Clean

Today’s society has increasingly become more and more materialistic, gaining too many possessions to fit within the inside storage spaces of homes. For this reason, rentable storage spaces were created, but often, the most convenient way to hold onto all of this extra stuff is by collecting it within the garage. This displaces your cars, and gradually the garage becomes a giant extra closet. Most people do not see this as a problem, however, there are a few reasons that it might potentially become one. 

Hard to Locate

One notable problem that keeping belongings in the garage causes is it being difficult to find whatever possessions you are looking for. Most garages do not come with an abundance of organized storage space, so more often than not, boxes get stacked wherever, and may be missing labels or any kind of indication on what might be inside. This can make it frustrating to locate certain items, and can eat up a tremendous amount of time and energy. 

Parking Problems

As stated above, when the garage gets used as storage space, you cars have to move elsewhere. If you are located in an area with an abundance of available parking, this might not be an issue. However, many neighborhoods in Las Vegas have HOAs, and several of these do not allow for street parking, as the garage is meant for housing cars and should be used to do so. 

Potential Pests

By having an excess amount of stuff sitting around in your garage, going extensive periods of time without being sorted or sifted through, it becomes an ideal habitat for some potentially unwelcome critters. Rodents and insects are likely to make themselves at home in cardboard boxes or crates full of cozy belongings. 


When garages are full of chaotic clutter, they are not a welcoming place to be. If the garage is not being utilized for cars, it could potentially be made into extra living space. By insulating it and adding some lighting, it easily becomes a game room, a man cave, or a place to put up a projector and host a movie night. None of this is possible when its being used as a closet, however. 

As you can see, there are many reasons that your garage should be used for cars, and not for storage space. Oftentimes, there are built-ins or extra spaces left for shelving units that you can use to store extra belongings, but the entirety of the garage should not be utilized in that manner. If you are interested in fixing up your garage to be cozier, or are curious about other solutions, contact us today.