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How Updated Openers Can Benefit You

Garage door openers. We use them everyday, but we rarely ever actually think about them. In fact, the only time they ever really cross our mind is when something goes wrong with them. Learning more about your garage door opener before something goes wrong will help you know what kind of maintenance is necessary and may help prevent emergencies in the future. Increasing your familiarity with them and even updating yours can also benefit you in many ways.


You may not know that there are a variety of garage door opener types. Or, maybe you did know, but are unfamiliar with what types are available. At Sun City Garage Doors, we install, maintain, and repair Belt Drives, Chain Drives, Screw Drives, ½ Horsepower, and ¾ Horsepower garage door openers. 

Each type of garage door opener has its benefits and ideal use. Belt Drive openers are typically the quietest, with a reduced vibration, and fewer moving parts. Chain Drive openers are usually the most economical and dependable, however, the operation may be fairly noisy compared to the other options. Screw Drive openers are low maintenance, and provide an operation that is less noisy than a chain drive opener, as the plastic-lined tracks reduce noise. ½ Horsepower openers are ideal for single garage doors, but may not be reliably strong enough for larger doors. ¾ Horsepower openers are ideal for these larger, or heavier, garage doors that a ½ horsepower single could not lift. 

It’s important to know which kind of opener you have, and to know if it is ideal for your home’s wants and needs. Knowing which kind of opener you have also allows you to ensure that it is being maintained properly. 


Now that you know what kind of garage door opener you have (or want, if you’re shopping for a new one), you can more easily take care of it and know how to handle issues if they come up. When it comes to installation, having the professionals at Sun City Garage Doors complete the install will ensure that it is done correctly from the beginning. Doing this helps to eliminate issues that may arise from an incorrect installation. It also makes it easier to maintain, which Sun City Garage Doors can assist with as well. 


If you aren’t ready to dive into a complete replacement, maintenance and repair are options. If you have a fairly new opener that simply needs maintenance to prevent problems, or if you have been experiencing minor issues when opening or closing your garage, we can help. Performing regular maintenance on your garage opener can help to avoid potential headaches in the future by keeping everything in working order and catching issues early on. For minor repairs when problems do arise, our experienced technicians are standing by. We offer 24/7 emergency repair services to get your garage up and running as quickly as possible. 

Whatever your garage door opener needs are, whether it is deciding what opener to go with, or installing, or repairing, Sun City Garage Doors is here to help. We are garage door experts and can find a solution that works for you. Contact us today!