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Hosting Dinner? Make Your Garage Extra Dining Space!

It’s not often that we think of our garages as extra living spaces. They’re made to house cars and outdoor items, and often they get turned into additional storage space once our belongings begin to outnumber the amount of closets we have indoors. Sometimes throughout the holidays, we need extra space, however, and we have some ideas on how to make the garage a homey hideout and an extra dining room. 


We all know that insulation is extremely beneficial for our homes, but we rarely think about insulating our garages. Think about it, during the summer, you step out into your garage and can feel the heat. In the winter, the cement floors become too cold to step on with bare feet. If the temperature is this noticeably different from within your house, think of the energy costs you could be saving if you invested in insulating your garage just like the rest of your home. 

Insulating your garage not only saves you money, it also makes for a more comfortable living environment, and creates a quieter garage operation. If you have insulation in your garage, you can gain another livable space within your home. Enjoy a game room, create crafts without fear of spilling on the carpet, or make storage more pleasant to access, all by insulating your garage from extreme temperatures. 


Some garages have built-in storage spaces, which is convenient, but they can quickly become overcrowded and cluttered. Developing a simple organization system can avoid this potential problem, and can keep your belongings easier to access. 


Garages are known to have easy access for bugs and rodents, and if the space is untidy, these pests can go unnoticed. By keeping the space clean, you can help to prevent infestations and can make it easier to notice if anything is attempting to make itself at home within your garage. Cleanliness within your garage also helps to keep your possessions protected, and makes your garage overall more appealing. 


Once your garage has been cleaned up and organized, as well as insulated, it can be utilized as an extra living (or dining!) space. When family and friends gather together for the holidays, spaces can get pretty cramped. Give the crowd an alternate dining area, and impress with your stellar hosting skills! Are you ready to get your garage holiday-ready? Want to start with insulation? See how we can help, contact us today!