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Giving Your Garage a Facelift

Often, when we think of remodeled houses, we picture pretty paint jobs, fresh flooring, an updated kitchen, and an array of other modernized fixtures and finishes. However, it is not often that an updated or upgraded garage crosses our mind. The truth is, an updated garage can not only add value to your home if you’re planning on selling, it can also save you money in the future if you plan on staying. There are many different things that can be upgraded in a garage, all of which can be a beneficial investment and make for a great gift to give yourself. 


Though it may seem small, fresh paint can update the look of a garage just like any other room. Often, there are scuffs and marks that affect the appearance of the garage well, especially with numerous vehicles, tools, and storage boxes moving in and out of the space. By quickly and easily covering these blemishes, you can make your garage appear much cleaner and brighter than it was before. 


Garages often become extra storage spaces for all of our excess belongings, and the mess can quickly accumulate. Another easy way to update your garage and add value to your home is to build shelving units where they fit, and then to redo the boxes you currently use. Clearly labeling everything and creating spaces to hang cleaning utensils or smaller shelves for tools and more can greatly improve the appearance of the garage as a whole. 


Over time, residue from cars, such as oil or substances picked up along the roads, accumulates on the floor of your garage. Refinishing this surface, whatever material it may be, can improve the cleanliness and appearance of your garage, as well as increase safety when walking around in the garage.


The best way to update the facade of your garage is to invest in a new garage door. You can simply powerwash and refinish your current garage door, or you can change up the look entirely. There is also the option to transition from a single large panel door to two smaller individual doors. The options are endless! 

There are many different options for updating your garage. Whether it is a small project you can complete yourself, like painting or reorganizing, or a larger project like a new garage door, the experts at Sun City can answer your questions. Contact us today!