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Getting Garage Sale Ready

As temperatures get warmer and spring gets closer, there is a tendency to clean out our belongings and dust that settled over the winter months. This leads to garage sale signs popping up all over the place, as we all look to clear up some space and make a buck in the process. Though there is not really a true “garage sale season” in Vegas because the weather stays nice enough for them for the majority of the year, but there is a noticeable increase in the amount of these come springtime. 

Garage Sale Prep

While garage sales do not really make a name for themselves for having pristine shopping experiences, if you are planning on hosting a sale, there are some ways to get your garage in great selling shape. After all, a pleasant environment makes for more sales, right? 

Deep Clean

Going through your garage belongings and cleaning them out is probably what sparked your need to host a sale to begin with, but deep cleaning your garage in preparation for the sale is a step beyond simply tidying up. Take some time to wipe down any surfaces, buff out scuffs on the walls, dust the cobwebs in the corners, and give the floor a good sweep and scrub. By making this extra effort, your potential customers may be more inclined to make purchases from you because it shows that your belongings were well taken care of. 

Clearing Excess

Our garages become places to store extra stuff, some of which we decide to try to get rid of via sales. If you still have belongings being stored in your garage that you intend on keeping, consider moving them inside so there is no confusion when it comes time for the sale. By only having items for sale on display in the garage, you can eliminate potential troublesome encounters with people shopping around. If you are unable to move these extras elsewhere, be sure to post signage clearly stating whether items are for sale or not. 

Install Shelving

Many garages these days come with shelving already installed, even if just a limited amount. Being able to utilize these for sales purposes, and possibly installing more shelving, could prove to be beneficial. This allows for you to organize all your items for sale and create various shopping departments. For instance, DVDs and CDs can be sectioned together, shoes in another spot, and old tablecloths in another. This makes the entire experience much more pleasant for those shopping around. 

Garage Door Tune Up

Last, but certainly not lease, it is crucial to ensure that your garage door is maintained and well-functioning before the day of the sale. Imagine you have everything set up, your marketing (flyers scattered around town and signs placed along roads) has all been done, and everyone is hyped for your big sale. It comes time to start selling, and your garage door won’t budge. This can put you hours behind schedule. Even worse, if you garage door malfunctions while your sale is happening, potential injuries to customers can occur. Have the experts at Sun City Garage do a door tune up service before your sale so you can be good to go. 

However you decide to spruce up the appearance of your garage before the big sale, we wish you the best in your money-making endeavor. Should you run into any issues, or would like to invest in garage door maintenance and check ups, contact us today!