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Garage Mold? Health Risks and How To Avoid It

Your garage is  one of the most versatile areas in your home. When you are not using it to park your vehicles, it is used as a work area or for storing your belongings. It can also be a great spot to hang out and when you want to enjoy the weather with friends. Unfortunately because we often neglect cleaning and insulating the garage, it is also an excellent breeding ground for mold. Mold in your garage is the result of warmth, moisture and poor ventilation in your garage.  

While we may be your Las Vegas and Henderson Garage Door Repair and Installation Experts, we understand that keeping your entire garage clean and up to standards is important for your health and peace of mind.

What health risks are associated with mold?

According to the Center for Disease Control, mold is linked to a number or health issues. Mold can cause many issues with upper respiratory tract and early exposure to it can cause asthma in children. Allergic reactions to mold are also common.

Why is there mold in my garage?

Mold in your garage is the result of warmth, moisture and poor ventilation in your garage. Your garage is fully exposed to the elements which makes it a susceptible to mold from the outside. When mold starts to grow, it spreads and reproduces by creating mold spores which are incredibly resilient. Mold spores can survive harsh conditions that normally wouldn’t support mold — even in the Las Vegas valley.

A common spot where mold is often found is near water boilers. Any spot in your garage that is damp can grow spores, especially when the heat begins to climb. Spotting and preventing mold from spreading can spare your health and your wallet!

How to prevent mold from growing

The best preventive measures to keep mold from growing is to keep your garage dry and clean. Remove any standing water from leaks or spills, only use mildew and mold resistant paint on walls when renovating, and allows enough ventilation and sunlight to enter your garage when possible.