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Do You Need Your Garage Door Repairs?

Common Garage Door Repairs and Upgrades

Roller Replacement

A common issue with any mechanism that moves is wear and tear. When a garage door starts to make a lot of noise or jam, it is probably due a worn out or broken roller. The roller keeps the garage door secure on the tracks and moving smoothly. A damaged or worn out roller can be a hazard if left unnoticed. Luckily, it is easy to spot when the roller comes off the tracks. If you notice a damaged roller on your garage door it is important to call for garage door repairs.

Broken Belt and Chains

The garage door operator might as well be the most important part of your garage door. Without it, opening and closing your door are manual tasks. The operator is operated by several mechanisms. Most commonly these are belts or chains. Just like garage door rollers, belts and chains are prone to wear and tear.

Luckily there are plenty of new, modern operators on the market, even operators that can be operated directly from your smartphone.

Garage Door Conversions

Single-piece garage doors are common on older homes. They can be slow and the require more room in your garage than panel doors, which are more reliable and cost effective to repair and replace. When a panel garage door is damaged you only have to replace the damaged panel instead of the entire door.  Panel doors also give your home a more modern and stylish look.

Radio Interference and Remote Programming

Your portable garage door opener can be an incredibly convenient device. The garage door remote works by sending radio waves to the receiver in the garage door opener. If your remote isn’t working, it might be the result of radio interference.

At Sun City Garage we can troubleshoot your remote or help you upgrade to something that is more modern! We offer expertise on a variety of remotes and openers, including ones that work right from your smartphone.